Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Green Valley 10 miler 2/7/09

After the Greenville 5k downtown we settled into the Higdon running program and things are going very well.  We are following the Novice 1 schedule which brings you from running 15 miles in week 1 to a high of 4om in week 15 of the 18 week schedule to train for a marathon.  So we backed up from our marathon date and had to skip 4 weeks of the 18 which put us at 14 weeks to train for a marathon.  I had purchased a Garmin 405 on 1/17/09 to track our training on the computer so all the runs are online after this date.  The Green Valley race is run on a hilly course in Travelers Rest, SC starting and finishing at Furman and winding up through lots of hills everywhere.  Aly, Brooke and Spencer ran the 8k and I did the 10 miler.  
Race morning was beautiful and I was scheduled to do 16 for the marathon training so I ran 3 before the start of the race.  I thought about though and after finishing the 10 miler decided that was enough.  I ran the race part in 1:31:49 which was a good time for me being I had just finished my first month of running.  Aly did great on her 8k in 45:39, Brooke also did awesome her time was 43:28 and Spencer my football player finished the race in an hour so we had a great day.
Spencer would for sure give me a tough race any time he put his mind to it as he did Brissy Ridge (a tough 2.4m single track trail on Paris mountain) in 25 minutes, I have never come close to that time yet.  But he has his mind on football and his coach tells him that speed is more important than being able to run 5 miles.  I am trying to convince them that to wear the other team out in the 4th quarter the endurance gained from some distance runs will surely payoff.
Well it is great to have this race done and we will continue training for the next one.  Reedy River 10k and 5k an awesome race in downtown Greenville.  Run for many years.  In fact about 15 years ago I ran this race once, don't remember my time just know it kicked my butt back then.  So it should be interesting.

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