Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4/4/09 The Cooper River Bridge Run

The Cooper River Bridge Run is the largest race in SC with over 38000 racers on Saturday and over 1500 kids running at the kids runs on Friday.  The expo is held in downtown Charleston, so it can get quite congested but the organizers do a great job handling the huge crowds.  The kids fun runs are held at a park with all kinds of fun things for them to do.  Brandi and Parker ran the 1 mile run and Ryder ran the 50 yd dash.  Aly, Ariel, Brooke, Spencer and Brandi (with my number) ran the 10k.  The 10k starts in Mt. Pleasant runs over the bridge and ends in downtown Charleston.  With so many people running they have hundreds of buses bringing the people from where you park downtown to the start line.  Anyway Aly tells me it was so crowded that during her race she was forced to walk as there was no way to get thru the crowd.  I was resting my toes still from the ING marathon and stayed at the condo with the Parker and Ryder.  They all finished the race and I am real proud of all of them and for Brandi and Spencer this was a great accomplishment as this was their first 10k.

Heading into Hamptin Park for the kids run.

Ryder, Brandi, Ariel, Brooke and Me

They even had a camel to ride.

Parker & Ryder practicing with muskets.

Ryder warming up for his race.

Ryder enjoying his postrace gatorade!

Parker finishing strong!

Ryder running his first race, he tells us he only runs 2 miles.

Bryson and Ryder showing off their medals!

Brandi Starr finishing the 1 mile race on Friday at the Park.

Spencer, Brooke, Brandi and Ariel looking great after the 10k race!

Aly happy to be done and out of the crowd.

Ariel, Sophia and Brandi showing off their race shirts!


  1. Ryder doesn't look too sure about that camel. :) The girls are beautiful! Great pics.

  2. You are right David, Ryder didn't make it out of the starting gate. I agree with you on my girls.
    Thanks Josh