Thursday, June 4, 2009

3/21/09 Shamrock Fun Run 5k

Congratulations Brandi Great Run!
Congratulations Parker Great Run!

This is a great run put on by The First Church of the Nazarene here in Greenville.   The race is held at the Furman University campus and they had a lot of food and great trophy's for the age groups.  We had just signed up Brooke, Parker and Brandi for this race as we knew we were doing our marathon next week.  Race morning came and it was cold, I think we had frost during the night so by race time at 9 am it was just about 40 degrees with a cold north wind.  Anyway when you start running you warm up quick and Aly had too run for Brooke as we forgot she was in the race and didn't have time to get there when the race director asked me where Brooke was.   Well we had a great run as I coached Parker to his PR of 27:20.  I don't know what it is about running but if you can keep catching people during the race it kinda feels good so as we were in this race I kept pushing Parker to just catch the next kid in front of him.  Finally as we came up the last hill and around the final turn he had pushed himself to the limit and started to tear up a little bit.  I told him the finish line is right there so he kept running. That made me very proud.  Brandi also ran a great race and sprinted in to a very good finishing time of 29:49 her PR.  Aly running under Brookes name ran a nice 26:55.  
Well looking at that trophy table made us stay for the awards and were we glad we did.  As Aly took 3rd, Brandi 2nd and Parker 1st in their age groups.  They picked up their trophies and we headed home.  Next stop, Atlanta ING Marathon here we come.

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