Thursday, June 4, 2009

3/7/09 The Reedy River Run

Tori, Parker & Brandi
Me Chatting with Nate Coponen and Dave Sarkela
Brandi & Aly
Brooke & Aly
Parker, Me, Brandi & Brooke

Training was going well now after finishing the first 20 mile run we are in the final few weeks before the marathon,  we had signed up to do the Reedy River Run earlier so we went down to do the race with most of the crew.  Aly & Brooke running the 10k and Parker, Brandi and myself were doing the 5k.  We felt like it was to close to the marathon to really go all out so I again ran with Parker.  It was a beautiful day downtown again and the Reedy River run is a well known race so their was a great crowd there running, I think about 5,000 runners so it is a great race.  Parker and I started out kinda slow and I kept trying to get him to pick up the pace a little but he was still feeling a little sick from the week before.  He had to go to the bathroom at about a 1.5m in so we found a porto-john with a line.  After this Tori and Brandi caught up to us so I told Parker to finish with Tori and I would run the last mile in.  The final mile of this race is run on the Swamp Rabbit trail in downtown Greenville which is a new 20 mile trail they are building here, anyway the section downtown has a 5' wide rubber running surface.  Let me tell you after logging the miles I have in these last few months this rubber trail felt good so I ran a bit I don't know how fast I did the last mile since I left my Garmin at home but it was the first time I ran a full mile hard since High School so it felt really good.  Especially after not being able to run a 12 minute mile 2 weeks ago.  Well our times were Me 28:20, Parker 38:15 and Brandi 30:55  for the 5k.
Well Aly and Brooke were running the 10k which is run on a hilly course in downtown Greenville.  Aly tells me this was her hardest race so far and I can tell she pushed herself real hard because her time was awesome!  For her first 10k ever Aly finished in 54:22 what a great first 10k time.  Brooke also did fantastic as she finished 5th in her age group with a time of 51:58.  These girls are quite the runners.  

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