Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Runs 12/26/08-01/02/09

I got up early and decided it was time to go so I took off from my house and ran around our block.  With a few added legs in at Silver Ridge I thought I ran about 9 miles or so.   It took me about an hour and twenty minutes and I felt really good.  I had just completed the longest run of my life and I was still walking.  OK now what, so we headed down to Folly Beach for the rest of the kids Christmas vacation and I knew that Aly would want to exercise there so I would be able to do more runs there.  
We did the Cooper River Bridge 5 mile run 3 times when we were there and I felt good doing it so I started looking for a race to run.  The first race I found was the TR Rear in Gear Half Marathon on 1/3/09, so I started to think about heading back to Greer to do that run.  
Aly, Brooke and Spencer did the bridge with me also.  Spencer didn't really like it to much but Brooke and Aly the organizer were sold on running with me so the running plans started taking place.

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