Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deciding to Run 12/25/08


Spent a beautiful Christmas with the family, ate a lot of food and then finally dared to look at the scale once more.  Aly has been asking me to try and stay trim for a while now and brother Sam has always told me if the scale goes over 240 it will never go down again.  So when I looked down and saw 239 it hit me real hard.  I had been thinking this weight thing was under control,  didn't I prove it when my 40th came around when Shawn (cardio schmardio) the muscle guy got me to 218 and pretty fit.    I guess not.  I guess I am not the athlete I once was.  This weight thing was controlling me and I needed to change it.  So I decide to start running.   This is when it begins,  42 years old father of six beautiful children the oldest 21 the youngest 2 and happily married with a great fit wife.  And now needing to get fit so life will be enjoyable to us all.   So now knowing our friends who have ran marathons and Amos in the middle of training for Myrtle Beach I decide tomorrow 12/26/08 I will begin!

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