Saturday, July 4, 2009

6/20/09 Candlelight 5k

The Pond Jump
My son Parker doing a 360.

Spencer just getting big air.

My nephew Dexter doing his first back flip.

My son Spencer doing a back flip.

My nephew Ty jumping in.

Aly and I talked about doing this run a little bit but with the ultra on the  June 7th and a week in Charleston in between this one kinda jumped up on us.  Well it was really hot like close to 100 all day so I took the boys down to the pond where they jumped their bike into it off the dock.  They had a blast and I had a great time just watching them.  We stayed down there for over 4 hours and when I told them it was time to go they were totally bummed out.  Well we got home from that ate a little food and headed down to the ICAR campus where this race is run.
Well we got to the race at 8:05 pm and went to register, the race was so full that they could not take anymore people.  Well I saw Jana and Amos there and they had an extra number so I ran under that number.  This was my first time ever trying to run a 5k for time.  I thought that it was going to be tough but I did not know how tough it could be.  The temperature was 94 degrees when we parked our car so at race time it was still extremely hot even though it started at 9:00pm.  Well Amos ran a fast race finishing in about 22:30 and I finished in 25:07.  I thought that I could run it faster than that but that was all I had.  I even walked twice during this race it was so hot.  Oh well I keep telling everyone don't underestimate a run and I did it again.  Aly and Brandi also ran it and they thought it was hot too.  
Aly finished like a minute behind me and Brandi did around 30 minutes so all in all it was still fun.  Though I don't think I will run another 5k in that kind of heat.  


  1. The heat makes everything harder, doesn't it? Except jumping your bike into the pond. Those are some great pics.

  2. Love the Bike Pics!
    Heat makes for a slow run. My Min/Mile gets faster as fall and winter approaches.